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Tips to protect your eyes from Conjunctivitis


Dr Karan Bhatia
Dr Karan Bhatia
2 min read

Season of allergies and infections without giving the door invitation. Moreover, in case of our eyes, problems like conjunctivitis can be extremely common to deal with. It is both important and wise to take precautions in order to avoid watery pink eyes of Conjunctivitis.

Conjunctivitis is caused due to inflammation of the conjunctiva. Conjunctiva is the tender membrane which forms the inner lining of the eyelids and helps in masking the eyeballs’ open surface.

The most prominent symptoms of conjunctivitis are pink eyes, burning sensation, and irritable blurry vision.

Conjunctivitis can be caused as a result of viral, fungal, bacterial, or chemical infection. It is a contagious disease too. Thus, the only way to prevent it is to ensure cleanliness and health of yourself and your surroundings. Here are some tips you can follow to prevent Conjunctivitis.

1) Avoid direct contact with those who are suffering conjunctivitis already. It is also important not to share objects of use such as towels, sunglasses, etc. of the same person. This can cause transfer of disease.

2) If you wear contact lenses, make sure keep them clean, always. Moreover, ensure that the lenses in store were kept in a safe & dry place only.

3) Do not rub your eyes with unwashed hands.

4) Most importantly, in case you sense the slightest symptoms of blurry vision or painful eyes, fix an appointment with a reliable eye doctor.