Things You Should Do To Protect Our Eyes During Holi

Thu Mar 01 2018

With the fun-filled occasion of Holi being around the corner, we can already witness the streets of India filling up with joy. The fact that Holi is one of the most celebrated festivals in India is undeniable. Everybody around the country, from grownups to kids, looks forward to this festival of colours, happiness, and craziness. As the preparation of the festival begins with the purchase of Holi colours and delicious sweets, we must also begin to look forward to hacks for preventing our skin and eyes from the harmful effects of chemical-filled colours. These days, the colours that are used to play Holi with are often prepared with harmful chemicals. As a matter of fact, some of these strong colours are even made of dyes which are primarily used for industrial purposes. Hence, these chemicals contained in the colours are extremely dangerous for our eyes. Allowing these chemicals to enter our eyes can cause numerous problems. Redness in the eyes, irritation, inflammation, and puffy-swelled up eyes are some primary problems caused to the eye on coming in contact with the colours of Holi. Moreover, in some recorded cases, use of colours made with these chemicals have caused temporary or permanent blindness in people as well. Thus, it is evident that these bright and beautiful colours can cause great damage to our vision. However, because of this reason, we do not stop celebrating the festival. Rather, we can avoid or reduce the damage by taking protective measures. Here are certain precautionary measures we must follow to protect our eyes from damage and celebrate a healthy and safe Holi.

  • Never keep the eyes exposed to the colours

We must always close our eyes when someone attempts to smear the beautiful colours on our face. Moreover, we must never begin the celebrations of colours without having our sunglasses or shades handy. Thus, wearing protective eyewear is a protective measure to protect our eyes from colour invasion.

  • Do not wear contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses while playing Holi can cause major distress to our eyes. It is highly advised not to wear contact lenses during the celebration.

  • Have coconut oil to rescue

Coconut oil works as a healthy resistant to prevent the colours from entering our eyes. All we need to do is to apply a thick coat of coconut oil around the eyes. This will enable the colour to stick to the skin around the eyes. Thus, it prevents the colour from entering the eyes or nearing the eyelids.  Also, the oil makes it easy to clean the colour from around the eyes.

  • Clean the eyes and the skin around

While we play Holi, we must ensure to frequently clean the colours off from the area around our eyes too. We can use Rose Water to help us clean our eyes. As a matter of fact, Rose water helps in removing specks of colours and dirt from the eyes. Rose water also possesses antiseptic properties thus; it also helps in easing the eye irritation caused due to the chemicals.

  • Use Eye drops to lubricate the eyes

Once the celebration is over and we have thoroughly cleaned our eyes with cold water, then after we must lubricate our eyes with prescribed eye drops. Practicing these tips and being a little cautious about our eye health during the celebrations can protect us from permanent eye problems. Therefore, we must follow these tips to protect our eyes during Holi.

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