What Technology brings to Future of Eye Care

Tue Jun 07 2016
What Technology brings to Future of Eye Care

Ten to Fifteen years ago the tools available for diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases were very different from the ones which are present today. There are newer technologies in the field of eye care that are worth mentioning. These advancements are scientific breakthroughs and are bound to make a huge difference in the overall eye health of our society.

New way to detect Vision Loss due to Diabetes

A recent technology “ Adaptive Optics Instrument” that was developed by the University of Indiana has revolutionized the way we detect the early signs of vision loss due to diabetes. The early warning signs were virtually invisible to the old screening methods. The advancement here is sure to make a positive change for generations to come. The new technique is designed to target areas of the eye that were previously overlooked due to inadequately sophisticated machines. When someone is at a risk of suffering from diabetes-related eye issues they are likely to experience less blood circulation in certain areas of the eye which was left unobserved in obsolete tests.

However, it is now something that the eye doctor can assess and initiate treatment accordingly.There is no mention of the technology in the whole para around which we are talking. Please add it in this.

Advancements in Cataracts and Glaucoma

Adoption of the latest technology in eye care has resulted in improved visual outcome and comfort for the patient. Using the most advanced phacoemulsification systems, Centre for Sightoffers a wide range of intraocular lens options to its patients. Also with Femtosecond laser, cataract surgery is now blade free, more safe & accurate. Automating of the most crucial steps in cataract surgery assures minimum pain & maximum accuracy and also ensures a quick surgery & quicker recovery.In the investigational aspects, we have more sophisticated machines which are able to detect Glaucoma at a very earlystage, where no damage to the fibers of the eyes has occurred and hence treatment can actually prevent the onset of eye impairment. We have contact lens-based techniqueswhich can record the changes in eye pressure for the entire day and hence give us a clue to therapeutic efficacy besides giving inkling into the type of glaucoma in a person.

Newer formulations in medications have also come in and hence the choices for the treating physician are wider. There are new techniques in lasers where acute angle closure can be dealt with promptly even when the older technique of making a hole by YAG laser does not work. The future lies in gene therapy, stem cell therapy, and techniques to implant sensors in the eye, all of which are still in the investigational stage but give us tremendous hope for future.

Evolving technology will lead to better Eye Care

With every year that passes, we gain more and more technology that can help us win our health related battles. The kind of innovation we utilize is pretty much as critical as how we choose to utilize it. In our not so distant future, we have computerized prescription lenses, computerized eye evaluations, advancements in painless eye care and so much more to anticipate. With each year, we are getting closer to the goal of eliminating blindness and painful procedures.

It is very important to note that there are a lot of other technology related advancements in the area of ophthalmology. Keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee ideal vision, you need to go to eye care professionals when required and diligently follow the advice given. As with any health-related issue, the sooner you catch something the less complicated the issue is with quicker resolution.

This is true for eye care as well. If things go along the similar path, we will see a future with much improved eye care where people will enjoy better healthcare services aided by technology.

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