This Summer, ‘SMILE’ with your eyes: Laser Eye Surgery

Sat Apr 30 2016

  Summer Holidays are undoubtedly the most loved time of the year by people of all age groups. Planning adventure trips, joining hobby classes, spending time with the entire family is what everyone looks forward to. It is the time of the year when there is a smile on every face. This is the time of year when you get an opportunity to make your eyes SMILE too. Take out some time and get your eyes checked for eligibility for SMILE laser vision correction procedure so that you don’t miss all the fun because of those bulky spectacles. What is ‘SMILE’? With an increasing number of people opting to go glasses and contact lens-free by undergoing corrective vision surgery, SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) is the next frontier in making that experience possible. It has significant added benefits in particular. The corneal surface incision is dramatically smaller now – there is no ‘flap’ being created, so the approximate 20 mm cut made in traditional LASIK is now reduced by more than three-quarters in SMILE.  Because of this, the corneal structure is much less compromised so people with higher prescriptions and thinner corneas can be now eligible for laser vision correction. In general, persons who are eligible for undergoing Lasik are eligible for SMILE as well. This procedure is available for correction of myopia and astigmatism. This procedure is especially a good option for people who have an outdoor lifestyle or indulge in sports related activities and as a result are prone to an eye injury as the tensile strength of cornea is not compromised as much as in the case of LASIK and also there is no risk of flap dislodgement as a result of the injury. Why you should consider SMILE? The treatment process is quick and efficient. You will be in the clinic for about an hour, in the operating room for about 20 minutes. Your vision will be significantly better a couple of hours after the surgery, after a quick post-op check and instructions on post-op care, you will be able to go home for rest.  What best is that after the treatment, you can resume most daily activities within a week of having the procedure done so there is no need to delay having treatment until after you're back from your summer holidays. Patients who go through SMILE surgery express that they don't have anything but the best result and experience. There will no longer be a need to carefully guard your glasses, nor will you need to mess around with awkward contact lenses.  

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  Summer Holidays are undoubtedly the most loved time of the year by people of all age groups. Planning adventure trips, joining hobby classes,...
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