SMILE: The Most Efficient Approach to Nearsightedness

Wed Sep 25 2019

One of the most revolutionary medical advancements in the past three decades is laser eye treatment. In this regard, the SMILE Laser Vision Correction surgery is one of the most sought after laser treatments. Learn more about the surgery in this piece. SMILE is an acronym for "Small Incision Lenticule Extraction" and it treats myopia and astigmatism. The duration of the SMILE Laser Vision Correction surgery is just 15 minutes and one of the best things of this surgery is, it helps people let go of their glasses and contact lenses. As a matter of fact, with this single laser system, the patient does not require any post-surgery rest.

SMILE Procedure for Nearsightedness

Myopia (Nearsightedness) is a vision disorder where close objects are visible, but anything at a distance appears blurred. With SMILE surgery, a Lenticule (small lens-shaped tissue) is created in the cornea using a single femtosecond laser. Then a small arc-shaped incision is formed and the tiny lenticule is extracted and removed through this incision which alters the shape of the cornea, thus correcting myopia. The incision does not require any stitches and is healed in a few days resulting in sharper vision. SMILE does not lead to dry eyes because lesser nerves are damaged on the surface of the eye and also, no flap related complications arise. The surgery does not require any creation of a flap which is also one of the positive points of this surgery. It's the most comfortable eye surgery, which does not change the anatomy of the cornea. It's safe to an extent that if patients rub their eyes just a day after the surgery, it does not lead to any problems.

Why SMILE is Ideal to Avoid Dry Eye

Dry eye is a very common issue when it comes to the after-effects of surgeries and in this regard, SMILE surgery is highly recommended as it has the advantage of being least invasive, causing hardly any corneal interference, the chances of having dry eye or any other post-surgery complications are extremely low. Fundamentally speaking, a small cut is made in the cornea with high precision. SMILE guarantees quick recovery and easy healing. At CFS, the commitment lies in giving the safest treatment with the highest degree of success. With advanced technology and a seasoned team of experienced surgeons, CFS delivers proven results every day! Every patient differs in terms of cornea’s shape, health condition, and age, it is strongly recommended to consult an eye doctor before choosing SMILE eye surgery. Stay safe and SMILE!
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One of the most revolutionary medical advancements in the past three decades is laser eye treatment. In this regard, the SMILE Laser Vision Correction...
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