SEVEN differences you can bring in the life of a blind

Sat Sep 05 2015

  There are more than 12 million blind people in India out of which 4 million are corneally blind. If we look at the figures of cornea collection through eye donation, it is around 20,000 per year, which is no way near the stipulated demand for our country. This huge gap between donation and demand has resulted in the increasing plight of millions of blind people who are waiting to get sight. We need to take a firm step and work towards creating awareness around eye donation. Here are some of the differences you can bring in someone’s life by donating your eyes. 1) Bring colours to someone’s life While you are painting your imaginations on the canvas, a blind child is trying to read Braille. Eye donation can help a child see the vibrant and colorful life he is missing all this time. 2) A child’s place is at the playground While one child will be enjoying in the playground, a blind child will be struggling to even walk or cross the street. If you donate eyes, you can help a child live his /her childhood like they are supposed to. 3) Your eyes can change the way they live While you are trying to look your best with latest clothes and accessories on, a blind person spends a lifetime learning sign language and trying to walk with a cane. If you donate your eyes, you can stop thissuffering. 4) Bring back the life to their College days We can all agree on the fact that college time is the most fun part of our life. A blind person will never be able to enjoy the college days like you unless he can get someone’s donated eyes and is able to regains sight on time. 5) You can help them witness the victory through their own eyes There is nothing better than watching your favourite team win and celebrate it in the stadium with a group of fanatics. Unfortunately, a blind person is bound to only hear the victory announcement over the radio. You can change this for someone by donating your eyes. 6) Let them be in “Control” of their lives While you are able to zip around driving in your cars, a blind person requires the assistance of someone to even move around daily. Eye donation can bring back the control they aspire and deserve. 7) No one deserves to be dependent on someone When you donate your eyes, you are making someone able to take responsibility, not become one. Hopefully, you must have clearer insight on how difficult it is for them to live a colourless and restricted life. Keeping this in mind, CFS initiated a nation-wide campaign “Light a Life” to raise awareness around eye donation and increase the willingness of people to donate eyes. You can be a part of this effort and be someone’s angel. Pledge today to donate your eyes, spread the awareness around and motivate more and more people to donate their eyes. *The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Centre for Sight.

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  There are more than 12 million blind people in India out of which 4 million are corneally blind. If we look at the...
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