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The Season of Allergies is Back: Tips to Reduce


Dr Subodh
Dr Subodh
3 min read

The beauty of the spring season is often adulterated when we have to deal with various allergies that occur during this season. However, in the springtime, our surroundings are bound to host numerous airborne allergens such as mold, dust, pollen, and pet dander. These allergens cause spring eye allergies inducing damage to our eyes.

Eye allergies, termed as allergic conjunctivitis or ocular allergies, tend to impair our eyes of clear vision. The most prominent consequences of the eye allergy include red eye, itchiness, watery eyes, swollen eyelids, and burning sensation in the eyes.

We believe that precaution is better than cure. So, we bring some tips to help you find relief from the spring eye allergies.

  • Avoid the Airborne Allergens

We must always ensure to stay indoors during early evenings and midmornings. It is so because the count of pollens in the air is highest during these times.

  • When going out, keep your glasses to your rescue.

Keep a pair of oversized glasses with you. The glasses must be able to cover your eyes entirely. They work as a shield for your eyes against the allergens.

  • Restrain the growth of molds

Molds tend to grow in highly humid places. Thus, to restrain the growth of these allergens, keep a check on the level of humidity in the house. Our surroundings must not be more humid than 30% – 50%.

  • Springtime Cleaning rituals

The dust, debris, and dander that get accumulated in the corners of our houses become prominent causes of eye allergies. Make a ritual to thoroughly clean your house before the spring season to get rid of these allergens.

  • Wash Your Eyes

Wash your eyes by drinking water twice or thrice a day to wash out possible allergens.

In addition to these, we must always follow basic hygiene tips such as do not touch your eyes before washing your hands and ensure the cleanliness of your contact lenses.

However, if you still develop a spring eye allergy, we suggest that you immediately consult a reliable eye doctor of the top eye hospital near you.