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Say No To Reading Glasses


Dr Charu
Dr Charu
2 min read

PRESBYOPIA – a medical eye condition under which your eye loses the ability to adjust its focus to nearer objects from distant objects.

The problem of presbyopia is a condition which develops with aging. In most cases, people above the age of 45 years are diagnosed with presbyopia. If you are one of the many people suffering this problem then, the chances are that your eye doctor suggested you this new age treatment called Presbyond to cure your presbyopia.

Presbyond – Laser blended vision:

If we talk about the most optimum method of correcting presbyopia, it would involve the action of restoring the power of the eye to accommodate its focus. However, no research yet could conclude the ways of entirely reversing the impact of presbyopia.

Therefore, in the present age, the most prominent approach used by eye doctors to cure presbyopia is Presbyond.

It is an advanced treatment method which provides freedom to the patients of Presbyopia from glasses. The treatment aims at blending the benefits and accuracy of the corneal refractive surgery by enhancing the depth of the visual field. It also enables the retention of the quality of vision.

The emergence of Presbyond helped in overcoming the various limitations of treating presbyopia through the conventional monovision technology.

The most distinguish benefits of Presbyond laser blended vision includes its ability to ascertain the visual acuity of the eye at every distance, an immediate effect, and the flexibility of customizing the treatment profiles.

In the present era, under the consideration of an ever-increasing demographic of patients, the Presbyond method of treatment is a forerunner among all previous modes of treatment of presbyopia.