You must include these in your diet for perfect eyesight

Tue Feb 28 2017

After a day-long routine of uninterrupted tedious activities for your eyes, are you doing enough to take care of your eyesight? If not, its time you begin to give your eyes the nutrition they require. For ages, our grandmothers and mothers have been praising the ability of various eatables which can make our eyesight sharper and good enough to be able to see even in the dark. Well, we can’t say that they are wrong. Your diet, especially the vegetables and fruits you eat, notably affects the health of your eyes. In fact, every major eye problem is affected by the diet you choose and whether it contains the required nutrients or not. Here we bring to you list of food items to include in your diet for perfect eyesight. Carrots and Oranges Orange, fruits and vegetables acquire their colour from a prototype of vitamin A that is Beta-carotene. Thus, both carrots and oranges are rich in Vitamin A and are also rich in vitamin C. Vitamin A copes with problems like night blindness, glaucoma, cataract, macular generation. Vitamin C combats ultraviolet rays. Therefore, a proper and regular intake of both the food items is mandatory to possess healthy eyes and specifically a better night vision. Spinach and Corns Both spinach and corns are rich in Lutein and Zeaxanthin that are Carotenoids which make up the macular tint of our retina. Including spinach and corns in our diets minimises the chance of sufferingmacular degeneration. Other vegetables like broccoli, kale, chillies, etc. also cater to eye problems, effectively. Berries Berries, especially the darker berries have been used for ages by people to improve their eyesight. History tells, the pilots of Second World War used to eat a lot of berries to improve their vision for midnight attacks and patrolling. These berries are rich in ‘anthocyanins’ which prevent problems of night blindness and slow blindness. Consumption of berries also improves the blood flow through the vessels around the eyes. Fish and Eggs Fish are highly rich in a certain type of fatty acid, called Docosahexaenoic Acid. This acid is also found in our retina. Thus, an intake of fish improves the level of the given acid that is needed by our retina. Another type of fatty acid that our eyes require to lower the inflammation that causes dry eyes is the Omega 3 fatty acid. Both Eggs and Fish are rich in the given nutrient and therefore make a place in our diet chart. Almonds We have been hearing about this one since always, right? Almonds are very helpful to attain a healthy vision. Almonds possess large quantity of Vitamin E. Vitamin E reduces the chance of radical damage. That is, it protects the cells of our eyes from being oxidised and from UV exposure. Hence, it helps us to combat problems like Cataract and macular degeneration.

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After a day-long routine of uninterrupted tedious activities for your eyes, are you doing enough to take care of your eyesight? If not, its...
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