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Makeup Tips for Healthy Eyes


Dr Kiran
Dr Kiran
2 min read

There’s no doubt that for women, eye makeup products are one of the best things that exist. However, irresponsible use of anything can be harmful. When it is a matter of Eye care, we must always be more alert.

Here we have enlisted some makeup tips for healthy eyes so that you do not have to compromise either with beauty or the health of your eyes.

  • Do not use old or expired eye products

Often to keep up with our favorite make up products we continue using them even past their expiry dates. Thus, it is important to note that using old or expired make up products can cause certain severe eye infections.

  • Store your eye makeup products in cold and closed space

It is necessary to store eye makeup products in cold and closed spaces to prevent multiplication of harmful germs.  Direct contact of germs with our eyes can cause bacterial infections or eye allergies, in and around the eyes.

  • Ensure the cleanliness of your makeup brushes

Over the time, our makeup brushes tend to gather dust and dander. It is suitable that we regularly clean our makeup brushes to prevent our eyelids and eyes from ocular allergies or eye infections.

  • Do not wear makeup to sleep

Eye problems such as redness, eye inflammation, and irritable eyes are common outcomes of sleeping without removing eye makeup. Thus, we must thoroughly clean the makeup off our eyes before going to sleep.

Moreover, if you have been suffering eye infections and allergies, visit an eye specialist in India to seek professional advice and tips on eye care.