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Light up a life


Dr Karan Bhatia
Dr Karan Bhatia
2 min read

From every pair of donated eyes two blind people gets vision and light in their life. Donating eyes is totally an act of charity and voluntary by the donor.

Always tell your parents, friends and few relatives that you wish to donate eyes. Usually parents are asked for the consent to transplant. Give them all the basic information and keep them updated with everything what needs to be done.

Inquire about the nearest eye center/ eye bank, mostly located at some medical college or any eye hospital. Register yourself with state registry to become the donor and give that form to that particular eye bank. Eye bank will also give you one enquiry form in which you need to provide the details again. After the completion of process, you will be provided an eye donation card.

People donate eyes for some blind people and even for research work too. So while filling the form you should clearly specify which eye you want to donate and for what purpose.

After the death of the person having eye donation card the nearest eye bank should be called within 6 hours. Try to switch off the fans and AC on. Raise the head over pillow and close the eye lids gently. Try to keep some moist cloth over eyes.

So light up someone’s life and let your eyes live even after you are gone.