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Keratoconus Causes Blindness? NO


Dr Shilpi
Dr Shilpi
2 min read

Keratoconus is not at all a blinding condition but a progressive condition that causes bulging of the cornea and can cause blurred vision, light sensitivity and glare. It is a degenerative disease of cornea that causes it to gradually thinning and taking the shape of cone. This cone shape prevents light from focusing precisely and the desired image becomes distorted.

Due to the irregular shape, Patients with Keratoconus are usually very nearsighted and have a high degree of astigmatism that is not correctable with glasses. It is sometimes a hereditary problem too that occurs in both the eyes. So, In case any member of your family has Keratoconus then it’s better to start check up from the age of 10 as it’s always said prevention is better than cure.

There can be legal blindness and partial sightedness/low vision if proper corrective treatment is not given timely. Sometimes the vision is not affected only the shape changes which becomes uncomfortable for patients.

It is highly treatable with specialty contact lenses and even in worst case scenarios where the cornea has suffered significant scarring it can still be treated with corneal transplant. The risk factor stays till the age of 40 as the visual impairment stabilizes after that.

There are many techniques through which patient can maintain a normal vision and it’s not dangerous. Never lose hope because even if thinning is severe there are surgeries like keratoplasties which have excellent prognosis. Just get yourself checked regularly and having initially 6 monthly corneal topography and yearly after 2 years.