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Is Diabetic retinopathy curable?


Dr Saurabh Arora
Dr Saurabh Arora
2 min read

Because of high blood sugar level in body, the small blood vessels in eye of a diabetic patient alter their function which damages the eye. Diabetic retinopathy cannot be cured completely but with effective treatments can reduce the risk of vision loss. The two basic tests include laser treatments and vitrectomy surgery.
Controlling the blood sugar levels by following the proper diet chart can reduce vision loss. If needed you can ask your doctor to prescribe few medicines which can help you in keeping your diabetes in control and in turn improving eye vision.
Laser surgery will help in sealing off the leaks from blood vessels. It also helps in shrinking the blood vessels and prevent them to grow again and again. This can reduce the swelling of the retina as well and sometimes more than one treatment is needed.
Vitrectomy on the other hand removes vitreous gel and blood from leaking vessels from eyes. It helps light rays to focus on retina properly. In this if there are any scar tissue they will also be removed from retina.
When Diabetic retinopathy reaches at advanced stage then the doctor might ask you to inject the medication in the eyes as well.
If you have diabetes, meet your eye doctor frequently and get the treatment as early as possible to prevent vision loss. Even after the treatment too you need regular checkups.