The most important questions to ask a LASIK surgeon?

Tue Apr 30 2019

LASIK is a form of laser vision correction procedure and is a permanent solution to refractive errors of the eye like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. During this procedure, a “cold” laser is used to reshape the cornea of the eye to ensure the rays of light entering our eyes bend correctly and focus on the retina which is placed in the back of our eye, resolving the refractive errors. Even though the technology behind LASIK has been tried and tested over a long period, it can still seem scary for a lot of people. If you’re a patient who’s planning to undergo a LASIK surgery, it is natural to have doubts and questions. In this blog, we take a look at the three most important questions to ask your LASIK surgeon so you can make an informed decision. Am I eligible for LASIK surgery? Before you decide to undergo LASIK surgery, you should find out if you’re eligible for it or not. Even though most people are eligible for LASIK surgery, some people fail to qualify due to various reasons. Here are some pointers regarding LASIK and eligibility: The candidate should ideally be over the age of 21 at the time of surgery. The candidate’s cornea must have adequate thickness. The candidate’s prescription should be within a specific limit. Your surgeon would be able to make a personal assessment for eligibility after they screen your eyes. Read Also: 7 things you should know about LASIK Surgery What are the potential risks of LASIK surgery? Even though LASIK surgeries are highly successful and productive, there can be some side-effects experienced by patients. Right after the surgery, it is common to experience light sensitivity, blurriness, tearing, and mild discomfort. Dry eye syndrome is also a pretty common side-effect experienced by patients right after a LASIK surgery due to a decrease in tear production. Consult with your LASIK surgeon to minimize the potential side-effects of the surgery with proper post-operation care. How long will the recovery period be like? Timing Image The recovery period for a LASIK surgery is pretty short with most patients completely recovering within a few days from the surgery. As stated earlier, the patient might notice slight blurriness or discomfort right after the surgery, but that should go away pretty soon. The patient might also suffer from dry eye syndrome, and your doctor might provide eye drops to help ease that too. It is vital to have a conversation with your LASIK surgeon to ensure your recovery period goes smoothly and it is also essential to follow post-operation care with regularity to ensure the smoothest recovery towards a glasses-free life! Choose Your LASIK surgeon carefully. choose your doctor image When it comes to LASIK, you should always choose carefully. It is a one-time procedure that’ll have a significant impact on the rest of your life. Ask questions, do your research, and consult with the surgeon sincerely to make the most informed decision for the future of your eyes. Read Also: 3 Questions You Must Ask Before Your LASIK What is the best procedure to undergo for LASIK surgery? While there are many confusing jargons regarding procedure to undergo, not one size fits all. Based on the health and strength of your cornea and eye, it’s your surgeon who can tell you which procedure would suit you best. Discuss all the options and take an informed decision in consultation with your LASIK surgeon

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LASIK is a form of laser vision correction procedure and is a permanent solution to refractive errors of the eye like myopia, hyperopia, and...
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