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What Is The Impact Of 3D Entertainment On Your Eyes?


Dr JB Singh
Dr JB Singh
2 min read

The love for a 3D screening of movies, sitcoms, and games is ever more at peak. Primarily, 3D films aim at imitating our regular vision in three dimensions on the screen. Thus, the appearances of all the events on the screen seem too real and intimate.

However, to deliver appropriate experience to the viewer, 3D visualization of entertainment requires its audience to possess a favorable binocular vision.

Binocular vision refers to the coordinated functioning of both the eyes. A properly coordinated working of both the eyes implies that the binocular vision of a person is appropriate.

Not less to say, some people are deprived of this appropriateness of the binocular vision. They are known to suffer the eye problem called marginal binocular vision. This affects their experience of watching a three-dimensional film.

Often, people with marginal binocular vision complain about experiencing dizziness, headache, or nauseous while watching a 3D film. Thence, it can cause a major effect on the health of your eyes.

So, if you have been complaining about these problems during a 3D movie screening or while playing a 3D game then you must switch your movie experiences to be in the second dimension only. If you find your friends or the person sitting next to you in the theater feel such uneasiness then recommend them to read and know more about their problem.

It is also a timely indication to visit your eye doctor and undergo a complete eye examination.