How is Strabismus Diagnosed?

Mon Nov 25 2019

Wandering eyes is never a good sight. There are a lot of people who are struggling with a squint eye and looking forward to a solution. A correct diagnosis and its correct treatment are required for a healthy vision. Eye doctors diagnose strabismus with the help of a comprehensive eye exam. Along with the eye exams, there are several ways in which strabismus is diagnosed. This piece of information elaborates points on diagnosing strabismus. As per diagnosis, the doctors may suggest surgical or non-surgical strabismus treatment.

Some of the essentials in realizing strabismus are:

  • Patient's History-

    It is very crucial for a doctor to check the history of the patient to understand what can contribute to their current disorder. The eye specialists usually check aspects such as general health conditions, environmental factors, and medications. Every aspect contributes to the patient’s eyes.
  • Visual Acuity -

    Doctors always check how much vision has been affected already. This has a correlation with the kind of treatment that is going to be provided to the patient. During a test, the patient is asked to read out letters mentioned in the reading charts placed both at a distance and near the patient. As per the test results, the ideal treatment is ascertained. There are different methods that help in measuring one’s vision, especially for young children who are not able to comprehend the tests well.
  • Refraction -

    The eye doctor conducts refraction in order to understand what is the appropriate lens power that one requires to compensate for refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. With the help of instruments like phoropter, or automated or handheld instruments, the doctors evaluate the refractive power of the eye for prescribing correct spectacles number.
  • Alignment and focus testing -

    It is important to assess the focus and movement of the eyes. The testing helps in tracking problems that are keeping the eyes away from focusing well or using the eyes together.
  • Eye health examination -

    With the advancement in technology, a lot of testing procedures and equipment have come into the market. The doctor extensively observes the eye’s internal and external structures to figure out any eye disease and understand its contribution to strabismus. This testing explains how do the eyes respond in normal ‘seeing’ conditions.
FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS APPROPRIATE eye drops are instilled to prevent any change of eye focus during testing. Only after proper testing, it is possible to understand what the treatment options are. At the Centre for Sight, we understand that strabismus or squint needs critical understanding and treatment. Our team of eye specialists concentrates on the right diagnosis first and then prioritizes correct treatment. Over a period of two decades, CFS has helped several patients in dealing with strabismus and continues to do so.
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Wandering eyes is never a good sight. There are a lot of people who are struggling with a squint eye and looking forward to...
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