Have you heard about presbyopia and its vitamins?

Mon Feb 18 2019

What is Presbyopia? It is arefractive eye condition that most of the people experience after the age of 40, which is normal for an individual to have.When an object is placed far away from an observer, the light rays pass through the cornea after that the pupil and the lens focus with clarity on the retina which results ina focused image on the retina. Inpresbyopia, the lens lacks the flexibility to refocus the image on the retina. This causes the image to focus moreon the retina as the objects move closer to the observer. Patients experience blurry vision and eye strain when they look at an object closer. In a younger patient, the lens is very flexible and it changes shape known as accommodation. This process again focuses the image with clarity back onto the retina. The process is smooth and undetectable by a young observer. On the other hand, older patients need help to refocus images closer which is accomplished by using bifocal or reading glasses. Presbyopia Symptoms

  • Not seeing so well in the dark
  • Unable to read small print clearly
  • Squinting
  • Feeling tired after doing some work
  • Headaches or Eye strain after some physical activity
  • Holding reading material at an arm’s length
To stay healthy and to grow, vitamins are essential for your body. It improves your immunity and digestion system. Your diet is not completed without eye vitamins which in future can activate aging vision. Vitamins for Presbyopia Vitamins are an excellent way to support, cure and strengthen your eyesight. Vitamins are a great way to cure refractive errors and they can also be equally effective to cure eye conditions that develop with age. Have a look at the list of some vitamins that can improve your vision problems:
    • Vitamin A
For good vision,Vitamin A is an important supplement. If your diet does not include this vitamin in a natural form or as a supplement, you may suffer from complete blindness. Vitamin A has antioxidants that prevent conditions such as 1. Vision loss, 2. Hypermetropia, 3. Night blindness, 4. Cataracts, and 5. Glaucoma
    • Vitamin B
The absence of Vitamin B in your diet can lead to weaker eye muscles, especially in the deficiency of Vitamin B1.
    • Zinc
The presence of zinc in your body helps Vitamin A to perform better.
    • Bioflavonoids
They have antioxidant properties to promote better eyesight. Treatments for Presbyopia
    • Acu-puncture
Through this technique, it activates the eye muscles to promote better focusing.
    • Homeopathy
Homeopathic practices improve your vision significantly.
    • Eye Exercises
Eye exercises make you rotate or focus on a particular subject, eliminating temporary vision problems, refractive errors, and frequent headaches. However to decrease the strain considerably and to see better for near you would need reading glasses once you turn presbyopic. To keep your eye health up to date, make sure you visit an eye specialist to your nearby eye hospital who can give you more information depending on your condition.
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What is Presbyopia? It is arefractive eye condition that most of the people experience after the age of 40, which is normal for an...
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