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Geeky is not the new sexy (Lasik)


Dr Tulika
Dr Tulika
2 min read

For anyone who depends upon eyeglasses for their everyday vision, the problem of dazing is a common occurrence. No one is immune to the occasional awkward feeling – but with glasses, your chances are more likely to be. Have you ever been locked up with your glasses? It may have happened to you, your loved ones, or someone you know.

With LASIK it is pretty sexy. No offense to those who wears glasses, but many of our patients have admitted to improvements in their relationships after having LASIK

  • The power of eye contact
    Eye contact is an important part of non-verbal communication and ensures that the listener is paying attention. Outside of relationships, eye contact is an important factor in business interactions and job interviews.
  • Give the gift of sight
    Over time contact lenses and glasses can be very expensive over time. Once you have LASIK, your vision is steady and you do no longer need to purchase new glasses every year. LASIK is a great investment and a great gift to give. To eliminate the hassle of glasses or contacts from your life or your loved ones is one of the most special gifts you can give.
  • LASIK has helped many people to see their loved ones
    After LASIK, most people are better than they did before with glasses or contacts. It requires very little recovery time and patients often see quite well the next day. LASIK has one of the quickest healing times in comparison with most surgeries.