Five Ways To Keep Your Eyes Safe This Diwali

Fri Oct 13 2017

In India, Diwali is not just a festival, it’s an entire season of extravagant celebration of prosperity and happiness. From children to the eldest member of the family eagerly waits for this time of the year to arrive. The days of Diwali are filled with the flavours of sweets and are illuminated with the brightness of diyas and fairy lights are mesmerising. Another prominent aspect of Diwali we all like is burning crackers. However, even a slight ignorance while burning crackers can cause some serious mishap. Moreover, the part of our body which is highly prone to injuries is our eyes. Thus, we must be extremely protective while burning crackers on Diwali. Here are 5 ways to keep your eyes safe this Diwali- 1) Keep Distance While Burning Crackers It is highly advisable to keep an arms distance from the cracker while you try to burn it. Firing up the cracker from a very close proximity increases the chances of injuries. Even if you are just observing and enjoying the bursting of crackers, you must remain at a distance of at least five meters. Especially, parents must take care that their children do not burn crackers from too close. 2) Wear Protective Glasses The sparkle of crackers which appears too enchanting to your eyes possesses various harmful chemicals such as barium and dioxins. Both of these compounds are radioactive chemicals. Even from a distance, the particles and spark, and the concentrated fumes of the crackers can cause harm to your eyes. Eye infections, irritation, redness, etc. are some common problems caused by it. Therefore, you must always wear protective eyeglasses while bursting crackers. 3) Do Not Rub Your Eyes Often, due to the smoke or particles of the crackers, your eyes may feel itchy. However, you must not rub them. Rubbing the eyes can enhance the pain and irritation. It can also cause secondary infections. Thus, in such a case, you should use gauze or a cold cotton pad over the affected area to ease the problem. 4) Wash Your Hands Thoroughly You must always wash your hands thoroughly after burning crackers. It is so because, if you rub or touch your eyes with bare hands while or after burning crackers, you are prone to develop eye infections. The chemicals present in the crackers can cause redness and irritation to your eyes. 5) Avoid Smog The smoke emitted from crackers combines with the moisture in the air to form smog. If you may remember the situation of Delhi post-Diwali 2016, then you would know the effect that smog can have on your health. It is extremely harmful to our lungs and body. Also, excessive smog is capable of reducing our visual capabilities. Therefore, especially during the night time around Diwali, you must avoid travelling in areas covered in smog. Wish you a Happy and Safe Diwali.

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In India, Diwali is not just a festival, it’s an entire season of extravagant celebration of prosperity and happiness. From children to the eldest...
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