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Five Things You Should Know About Robotic Cataract Surgery


Dr Kiran
Dr Kiran
3 min read

What Is Cataracts?

Cataract is the clouding of the lens inside the eye that prevents clear, sharp vision. It may cause loss of vision if not cured on time. To restore a clear vision, a surgeon performs the cataract surgery where he makes a cut in the cornea to enter into the eye and remove the clouded lens by opening the bag in which it lies.. He then replaces it with a permanent artificial lens inside the eye.

A cataract surgery requires a steady hand and complication can arise accidentally the back part of the eye lens bag which is a thin membrane, about 10mm across.

About Robotic Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgeries will become faster and hassle-free with the new technology that uses laser machines to operate on cataract patients. Also known as the robotic cataract surgery, this technology uses a femtosecond laser machine which is docked on to the eye. Images of the eye are then captured by an imaging system attached to the machine.

The incision of the cornea, the opening of the lens capsule and fragmentation of the lens is done robotically. The robotic cataract surgery is performed in less than five minutes.

Here is a medical guide that explains the benefits associated with the robotic cataract surgery-

High Precision

Sharp precision is not possible in all cases while removing the cataracts manually. With the introduction of robotic cataract surgery and computerized laser system, surgical risks like poor quality incisions and capsular tear running out of control are reduced to a significant extent. It guarantees a significant degree of accuracy and it is beyond what a human hand can do.

Perfect Lens Placement & alignment

Robotic laser makes a precise central opening on the lens bag ensuring stable bag and well centred artificial lens at the end of the procedure.

Laser Assisted Correction

Laser assisted Vision correction –Robotic laser can correct cylindrical number to some extent with Laser incisions, a process not possible with manual surgery.

Better Visual Outcome

The robotic cataract surgery offers the restoration of clear and sharp vision and guarantees removal of cataract and cloudiness. As opposed to manual cataract surgery by a surgeon, robotic surgery guarantees more effectiveness and sharpness as it reduces human intervention and works on calculated incisions.

Faster Recover

There’s quicker recovery with robotic cataract surgery and it is an excellent option to consider for patients seeking comfortable recovery  and faster recovery.