An Eye Tattoo Can Cost You Your Vision

Tue Nov 14 2017

An Eye tattoo! Yes, you read it right. For some readers, this idea can be too alien and unacceptable. However, there is an entire generation falling for the trend of having a set of uniquely designed eyes. It’s been a while since people have been trying all sorts of methods of extreme body modifications and body art. Nonetheless, the idea of undergoing the process of tattoo creation in the eye sounds the most unusual of all. In the recent times, Canadian model came in front of the world with a new trend of inking the eye. Eye tattooing refers to the act of inking the tattoo on the insides of your eyes.  Amidst of the craze of this millennial discovery, many people turned a blind eye towards the consequences of the act. Though the effects of the act must have been predictable, people yet tried to get their eyes inked. Ironically, it caused partial or total blindness to many people. The method used to ink the eyes Under the process of eye tattooing, the sclera i.e. the white part of the eye is injected with ink. Thus, these tattoos are known as the Scleral Tattoos. This art was first tried through the way of trial and error a few years ago by two tattoo artists from Toronto, Ontario. At first, they tried to use the traditional method of tattooing with the help of an inked needle. However, the ink didn’t hold. Then after, they adopted a different method using a syringe. This way, they inject the ink in the sclera of the eye. Injecting the ink creates varied colour contrasts and effects around the eyeball. Nowadays, a bunch of tattoo artists around the world are practising this form of tattooing. The harms of inking the eye Let’s refer to the case of the Canadian Model who tried Scleral Tattooing first. Trying the tattoo left her in pain, purple tears, and partial blindness. The effect of the misery is irreversible. Moreover, there are numerous harms of a sclera tattoo.

  • Injecting tint and hues through ink by piecing the frontal tissues of the sclera can cause agonizing headaches, extreme light sensitivity, eye strain, and damage to the eye tissues.
  • It puts our eyes at the risk of developing eye infections.
  • It can worsen the eye conditions for people who are habitual of wearing contact lenses.
  • Can lead to complete or partial blindness.
In the opinion of Doctors from around the world, the damage which eye tattoos cause to the eye is irreversible and mostly difficult to treat. They inform that at present, medical science hasn’t found a way to treat the damage caused to the eye tissues due to the injection of the ink. Thus, doctors strongly comment against the idea of adapting an eye tattoo because it can even cause permanent vision impairment.  
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An Eye tattoo! Yes, you read it right. For some readers, this idea can be too alien and unacceptable. However, there is an entire...
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