Eye Care Tips For Your Pets

Tue Apr 03 2018

Most of the pets are born with healthy eyes. They develop certain eye disorders and infections due to a growing age or genetic conditions. They can be affected with retinal atrophy and glaucoma even in a young age which results in gradual loss of sight and ultimately blindness. Pets can get eye issues from injury to the eye or an infection. Ageing can also cause problems with cataracts. However, apart from genetic and age-related eye disorders, your pet can experience damage or irritation to the eye. To ensure optimal eye care, here are 5 eye care tips for your pets. These are basic tips that will ensure overall hygiene and optimal eye health of your pet-

  1. Wipe Off Tearstains, Discharge & Dirt
Pets like dogs and cats often play and relax in areas that are not necessarily clean. Places like the garden area or a simple walk on the streets put your pet at the risk of getting dirt on his body and face. His eyes are no exception here. Pets can easily get dust and dirt in and around their eyes. Certain pets have a tendency to develop tearstains and discharge under their eyes. In all such cases, you must rinse the eyes of your pet regularly. This helps to reduce the tearstains and wash out the dirt accumulated in the eyes. Examine your pet’s eyes regularly and make sure there is no collected discharge or debris in the corners of its eyes. Use a clean cotton ball or a clean cotton cloth and carefully wipe the dirt outwards. Remove any foreign object or dried-up discharge from the corner of his eyes to ensure clean healthy eyes.
  1. Examine The Eyes If Your Pet Rubs Its Face Continuously
Some breeds of dogs and cats are at the risk of getting particular eye conditions. Make sure you get the eyes of your pet checked regularly if he belongs to such a breed. Watch regularly for eye signs or that your pet experiences. These may be signs of eye pain or irritation. The pet may signal by rubbing his eye or his paw. If you notice your pet rub its face repeatedly, this may be a sign to examine his eyes and take him to a veterinarian. Your pet may rub its face continuously because it has something caught in his eyes. Examine the eyes of your pet and take a close look. Look for a foreign object or other irritants. A veterinarian can ensure that your pet’s eyes are free from any infection or disease. Ensure a regular check-up.
  1. Trim The Fur Of your Pet Regularly
Pets develop eye infections and suffer from eye irritation due to their fur mostly. When they do not receive regular grooming and trimming of their fur, they tend to develop eye irritation quickly. Some people deliberately choose a short-hair pet breed. For long-hair breed pets, you must trim the hair around the eyes regularly to keep it from irritating its eyes and maintain overall hygiene.
  1. Use Hypoallergenic Pet Shampoos
Using hypoallergenic shampoos for your pets is one of the most common and best eye care tip suggested by veterinarians. Pets develop irritated eyes or get excessive eye discharge because of the shampoo used to clean their fur. You must make sure to use hypoallergenic pet shampoo as these are proven to not cause allergies.
  1. Ensure A Clean Sleeping Area For Your Pet
Your pets shed hair and dead skin cells quite often. This is known as debris. Debris seems like normal dirt but it can collect near your pet’s eyes. To avoid eye infections and accumulation of dirt in and around your pet’s eyes, you must clean their sleeping area. It must be kept clean and clear. Look for the build-up of debris and clean it out. Your pet spends a great deal of time in his sleeping area. You must ensure cleanliness there to avoid infection to spread from there. If you maintain a garden or there’s risk of weeds nearby, then you must be extra cautious towards your pet’s eye care health. Pets can easily develop eye irritation. Make sure that your pet plays in areas where there are very few irritants. You cannot really guard against everything, but a bit of caution can help your pet avoid unnecessary discomfort in the eyes.
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Most of the pets are born with healthy eyes. They develop certain eye disorders and infections due to a growing age or genetic conditions....
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