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Eye Care Everywhere – World Sight Day 2018


Dr Rashid
Dr Rashid
2 min read

Today, the world is populated by hundreds of millions of people who are unnecessarily blind or visually impaired from causes that are treatable or preventable. Proven and highly cost-effective solutions exist but have not been taken to scale.

Eye care for everyone and everywhere being mammoth but a realistic and attainable goal. A country where 133 million are blind or visually impaired including 11 million children due to lack of a simple eye examination and provision of an appropriate pair of spectacles, even attaining the goal of creating more workforce of trained ophthalmic technicians and optometrist will narrow down the divide.

“With changing life style, excessive use of gadgets, increased incidences of diabetes, there has been a great increase in myopia in children and diabetic retinopathy in adults, hence the need to ensure screening as early as preschool for kids and at least yearly for adults”
With cataract and refractive error being the most common and easily preventable causes of blindness, India as a country needs cataract surgery coverage as social equalizer indicator, to enhance not only the quality of life of its elderly but also the workforce delivery of the nation. Corneal blindness also needs to be advocated as the biggest good one can do to the world once one leaves the world, India being the country in need of highest number of transplants.

The country has no dearth of talent, skills, latest technology and expertise. As policies translate to practice, the crusade against blindness shall definitely become successful. Always believe in giving back to the society and spreading not only light of life but light of education too.