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Eye Allergies Symptoms in Monsoon


Dr Chirag
Dr Chirag
2 min read

Splash in the rain and get rid of extreme hot summers by enjoying ocean full of happiness and joy. But does your eyes look red or swollen? Are you feeling itchy sensation in your eyes? If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms then it is very necessary to take precautions and start caring for your eyes.

Dry eyes : It occurs when lubrication is lost and causes irritation. In worst cases you might also have blurred vision. Eye drops can help in keeping the eyes hydrated and soothe eyes very well.
Redness : When dust goes inside eyes, there can be redness in eyes due to various allergies and infection that you are getting because of germs which comes along with monsoon.
Itching sensation : You can always feel the itching sensation after when rain water is drenched into the eyes. It is always recommendable to wash your eyes with cold running water to remove all germs touching your skin from rain water.
Burning : When dust particles goes in eyes it can always leave burning sensation. Rubbing eyes should be strictly avoided in this case as it can become even more worse. Clean your eyes properly and hot compress will give relief.
Clear, watery discharge : Due to various infections and allergies there can be watery discharge from eyes which is not a sign of healthy eyes. Eyes should be protected by avoiding contact lenses and wearing specs instead.