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Do You Enjoy Outdoor Sports? Here are 5 Eye Care Tips for You.


Dr Subodh
Dr Subodh
2 min read

Do You Enjoy Outdoor Sports? Here are 5 Eye Care Tips for You
Summers are here and so, is the season of sports. Do you love to spend your summer afternoons at the playground? Are water sports your summer hobby? If yes, then we have got you covered with these eye care tips to prevent your eyes from damage while you enjoy some outdoor sports.

  • Provide shade to your eyes with hats or sun visors

The UV radiations of the sun are extremely harmful to the eyes. Thus, it is important to provide shade to the eyes. You must wear a sun visor or a hat to prevent your eyes from the harmful sun rays.

  • Have the right pair of sunglasses

Keeping your eyes covered with sunglasses is important. However, the type of lens and the tint of the glasses play a very vital role in protecting your eyes. Thus, you should ensure the sunglasses you choose are best for your use.

  • Make sure your sunglasses fits you well

Sunglasses which fall loose off the face or do not cover the eyes entirely lack the ability to protect your eye well. For active sports, wraparound frames are most suitable.

  • Wear protective eye wear under water

The water possesses chemicals, dirt, and debris, which can cause infections and eye allergies. Therefore if you indulge in water sports then, you must wear a pair of swimming goggles to protect your eyes!

  • Use adaptive eye lenses

If you use corrective glasses due to weak eyesight then, get one with adaptive lenses. Adaptive or Photochromic lenses turn dark as soon as you step in the sun. Thus, they protect your eyes from the UV rays.