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Early Symptoms of Cataract


Dr Abhishek Goel
Dr Abhishek Goel
2 min read

Cataract is a cloudy vision condition and very common in people above 40. It makes the part of lens opaque, cloudy. Sometimes cataract can be present at birth from infancy or appear shortly after some time. With the increase in the aging population, the number of patients with cataract is increasing. People with cataract feel as if they are looking through a polythene /cellophane sheet or Frosted glass. The risk of cataract increases with age, diabetes, smoking, obesity, excessive exposure to sunlight, high blood pressure, etc. Usually, cataract develops slowly and the vision is not disturbed in an early stage.

Some inherited disorders can also increase the chances of cataract. It can also be caused by past eye surgery or medical conditions such as diabetes. Long-term use of steroid can also cause cataract. The eye appears normal till the time it is mature and white.

Early symptoms of cataract are :

Difficulty in seeing at night
Increased light sensitivity
Cloudy vision
Appearance of halos and glares
Yellowish vision
Dull color perception
Seeing two images of a single object
Fading vision
Frequent change in eyeglasses or contact lens prescription
Need for brighter light while reading

If you see any of these changes in your vision make an appointment with your eye doctor right away. Although a surgery is not required at early stages but early diagnosis and timely intervention can prevent your quality of life from getting affected by cataract.