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While you enjoy Dusshera, many sit in the dark. Pledge to donate your eyes and Light a Life!


Dr Karan Bhatia
Dr Karan Bhatia
4 min read
While you enjoy Dusshera, many sit in the dark. Pledge to donate your eyes and Light a Life!
While you enjoy Dusshera, many sit in the dark. Pledge to donate your eyes and Light a Life!

The season of festivals is around the corner. For the next few months, every day would bring a charismatic moment of celebration to life. From Dusshera and Diwali to Christmas and New Year, the season ahead will be full of energy, happiness, prosperity, and lights. Festival seasons are special for the absolute amusement of burning crackers, beautiful fairy light decorations and mouth watering sweets & chocolates. No one can resist the happiness of witnessing the glory and spark of festivals and celebrations.

However, while some of us will have a blast enjoying these moments of happiness and celebration of lights; there are many other people who will remain deprived of the sight.


Being able to live our lives with ease and happiness, we often forget that not everyone is as blessed as we are. Around 12 million people in our country suffer from blindness.  These 12 million people cannot perform their everyday activities with ease. These 12 million people in India have never witnessed the beauty and joy of festivals and celebrations.
Among these 12 million people, 32% belong to an age of 15 years or less. These children have never had the luxury to see. Moreover, according to medical statistics, almost 60% of the blind children are likely to have a shorter life expectancy. Other than this, a majority of blind people belong to rural areas. An approximate of 25% of blind people are living their lives under the poverty line. Thus, you may conclude, that a huge part of the population that is living in the limp of blindness, does not have a good access to basic amenities, quality treatment, and eye care facilities.

How can you contribute to betterment?

We can pledge to make someone’s life a little better. There are surgeries such as corneal transplant which can help in the restoration of vision for the blind people. For instance, in the process of a corneal transplant, the surgeons remove the ailing corneal tissues from the damaged eye and replace them by corneal tissues taken from a healthy eye. Corneal transplant is one of the most prominent and effective treatments to restore eyesight and eradicate blindness. However, these surgeries can only take place in case of availability of healthy eyes. Hence, we must pledge to donate our eyes.

Our eyes live longer than us. After we die, our eyes still remain healthy and effective for certain duration. During this phase, it can be used for eye transplantation and offer sight to somebody who is still alive but hasn’t seen the world. Eye donation is a noble cause. Donating your eyes after your death can be the most precious gift you can give to someone for their life. Pledge to donate your eyes today.
This Dusshera do not just burn the evil but also Pledge to Donate Your Eyes and Light a Life.

To pledge visit: https://www.centreforsight.net/lightalife/