Does Blinking give you Pain? - Causes & Treatment

Thu July 23 2020

Does blinking give you pain? Here's an insight into the causes and treatment

Opthamologists define blinking as a normal body function that keeps the human eyes well-lubricated and moist. It also aids in proper distribution of tears on the corneal surface. Eye specialists are of the view that it should hardly be felt, but, sometimes people can experience pain while blinking because of some specific conditions that can occur across the whole eye or in specific parts of the eye, such as the edges of the eye or around the eyelids to name a few.

Causes of Pain When Blinking

Now that we have some idea about what blinking is all about as per ophthalmology, let's have a quick look at some of the few factors that can lead to pain while blinking.

  • Eye Injuries:

  • The human eye is delicate and susceptible to injuries and factors like acute trauma or continuous accumulation of debris are a few common causes of pain while blinking as they can injure the eye or the eye socket. Corneal scratch is another common injury that can occur due to frequent eye rubbing and touching.

  • Eye Burns:

  • It is possible for the human eye to suffer from burns as a result of overexposure to certain ultraviolet lights that are emitted from the sun. Getting in close contact with certain chemicals are also a probable cause of eye burns.

  • Blepharitis:

  • Blepharitis is a condition in which the eyelid edges become sore and cause pain when blinking. As per eye specialists, bacterial infections, blocked glands, or certain skin ailments such as seborrheic dermatitis are a few factors behind blepharitis.

Treatment of Pain when Blinking

A few simple techniques like usage of eye drops and artificial tears helps a great deal in reducing the pain while blinking. However, if the pain is caused due to factors like eye debris, we suggest flushing the eyes with some sterile water or with saline gently. Besides this, a warm compress can also help ease the pain to a great extent.

Now that we have briefly discussed the problem of pain while blinking, let's have a look at another common eye ailment that deserves some attention. Opthamologists refer to this ailment as the Dry Eye Syndrome.

Dry Eye Syndrome (DES)

Dry Eye Syndrome or Kerato Conjunctivitis Sicca (KCS) is a condition where the human eye experiences dryness and occurs when tears are not able to provide adequate moisture to the eyes. Though it is usually self diagnosable there are a few symptoms of this ailment like red eyes coupled with irritation and inflammation. Eye fatigue is another symptom in a few cases. As is the case with most of the eye disorders, the treatment for DES depends on the severity and is often curable by self-care, which involves regular usage of artificial tears. Tear duct plugs can also be used to increase lubrication in the eyes.

With that being said, let us now take a quick look at a few commonly occurring eye infections.


Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye is a frequently occurring eye disease that is characterized by an inflamed or infected eyeball membrane. Apart from this, an infected inner eyelid also indicates this ailment. It is highly contagious and anything from allergies to bacterial infections can be a cause of Pink Eye.It can also spread from one person to another through viral infections. A few dominant symptoms of the disease include red eyes, itching, and tearing accompanied by crusting of the eyes. Eye specialist advice conjunctivitis patients to refrain from wearing contact lenses along with using cold compress at regular intervals. Artificial tears should also be considered as a form of self medication.

Corneal Ulcer

A corneal ulcer (Keratitis) is an open corneal wound that is usually a result of an eye infection. A few symptoms of corneal ulcers include red and sore eyes, severe pain, and blurred vision. People who wear contact lenses or use steroid eye drops frequently are at a higher risk of corneal ulcer.

Eye specialists usually perform a proper corneal ulcer diagnosis in most of the cases via a special dye called fluorescein, and treat it by antibiotic, antifungal, or antiviral eye drops. Sometimes however it needs a surgical treatment via a corneal transplant that involves replacing the damaged cornea with a healthy donor cornea to restore vision.

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Article: Does Blinking give you Pain? - Causes & Treatment
Author: CFS Editorial Team   |   July 23 2020 | UPDATED 12:22 IST

*The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Centre for Sight.
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