Decorative Lenses Can Cost You Your Vision

Thu Oct 27 2016

The working of contact lenses is pretty much same as of glasses. They focus light on the retina to correct your vision. The dissimilarity is that rather being in front of your eyes, contacts sit on your eyeball. This makes them pretty dangerous if not used in proper manner. One  and possibly insecure use of contact lenses is called Decorative contact lenses. Decorative lenses change the appearance - colour or shape of your eyes. These lenses, also called as “big eye lenses” or “circle lenses”, are generally given away as a part of the costume or worn as a fashion trend. They are mainly so much larger than usual prescription contact lenses, which makes them unfit for usage. Also, there is no testing done to confirm their safety. They're bought in costume stores or over the web. The seller tries to sell the lenses by declaring “one size fits all” or that you don’t need advice from an eye professional to wear these lenses. This is wrong! In fact, those decorative lenses are potentially very hazardous. They usually don’t provide any type of vision correction and are not prescribed by an eye specialist. Considering the fact that they're bigger than normal contact lenses, they hinder oxygen’s path to reach the eyes. They are prone to infections and can cause serious infections or in worst cases, blindness. You should take certain precautions if you wish to wear these lenses to avoid the repercussions. Here is the right way to buy decorative lenses: • Get a contact lens eye examination and fitting from a certified eye health care provider and a valid prescription for contact lenses that involves the lens measurements, manufacturer, base curve, diameter, power, and colour as well as an examination date and expiration date. When the lens is coming from an official source, the lens supplier ensures it has now not expired and that company takes care of the item and tracking bar codes. • Optimally, have your optometrist order the lenses or if that is not feasible, purchase lenses from a registered store or online store that requires you to use this prescription to be certain that it appropriately fits. • Comply with the instructions for cleaning, storing and wearing lenses. • See your eye health practitioner immediately if you experience itching, continual redness, discomfort or blurred vision.  

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The working of contact lenses is pretty much same as of glasses. They focus light on the retina to correct your vision. The dissimilarity...
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