Can Contoura Vision Help You?

Thu Oct 07 2021

Given a choice, most of us would like to ditch those huge glasses and delicate lenses and take in glorious views using our naked eyes. But to do so, one has to undergo surgeries to correct the vision, which can prove to be fatal if not performed correctly. 

If you are planning to undergo spectacle removal surgery but have doubts about relying on Contoura vision instead of LASIK then this article might come in handy. 

What is Contoura Vision?

Contoura vision eye surgery is instrumental in correcting refractive error so you don’t have to depend on glasses or lenses anymore.

Also known as topography-guided Lasik Surgery, it is an advanced version of LASIK surgery which instead of just treating the eyeglass prescription, utilises unparalleled diagnostic capabilities ( three-step correction technique using a Femto Laser, Excimer Laser and a Topolyser). Contoura vision creates a highly precise and accurate map of your eyes and marks up to 22,000 points on each eye.

Comparison with other surgical procedures

Contoura vision presents enhanced benefits over LASIK and can even deliver results in cases where the patients were not eligible for LASIK due to irregularities in the cornea. While LASIK (Laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis) and SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) only remove the specs, Contoura vision steps ahead as it corrects your corneal irregularities during ongoing work on the visual axis. 

It is approved by the US FDA and scores better when it comes to correction in refractive error and visual clarity. Its scope goes beyond vision correction as it can cure abnormalities in the corneal curvature and uses advanced technology the damage to the tissue is minimal and it heals faster.

The major advantage is that Contoura vision surgery does not involve using blades, and hence no stitches or injection is required in the procedure. You won’t be hospitalized as the surgery only lasts for half an hour and the healing period is also short. 

You might experience some common side effects after the surgery like dryness, redness or burning sensation in the eyes which can be dealt with the right medication. 

Who is eligible for Contoura Vision?

Your ophthalmologist will do a thorough examination of your eyes to confirm if Contoura vision is the best procedure to correct your vision but here are the basic eligibility criteria:

  • The patient should be over 18 years of age
  • Should not be suffering from immunodeficiency or vascular diseases
  • Myopia shouldn’t be more than 9.00 D
  • No major obstruction (prominent nose or brow)

Now that you know the eligibility and benefits of undergoing Contoura vision surgery, it is time to discuss it with your ophthalmologist. Ensure that you consult a highly skilled professional for the procedure since it is too delicate and requires highly skilled professionals. 

Why Centre For Sight?

While there aren’t any major Contoura vision side effects, one should make sure to keep a few things in mind before undergoing Contoura vision. Eyes are vital organs so one should pick prestigious centres with professionals with great experience and skills. Centre for Sight has high success rates when it comes to complex, high-precision surgeries. We have centres all across the country and a team of highly skilled doctors who can perform critical surgeries like Contoura vision so you can get your vision corrected without any hassles.

Article: Can Contoura Vision Help You?
Author: CFS Editorial Team   |   Oct 07 2021 | UPDATED 12:00 IST

*The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his privatecapacity and do not in any way represent the views of Centre for Sight.

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Can Contoura Vision Help You?
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