Cameras v/s the Human Eye

Wed May 23 2018

Often, the lens of the human eye and its functioning to create images on a screen is compared with that of a camera. Did you wonder, exactly how similar can these two be? Here is all the information you need to know that. Read through! The differences and similarities of the human eye and a camera – Both the human eye and camera are uniquely designed to cast inverted pictures over a surface which is sensitive to light. For a camera, that light sensitive screen is the sensor chip or the film. On the other hand, Retina is the screen which recognizes the light that enters our eyes to form an image. Moreover, the lenses of both are capable of controlling the light’s quantity. Nonetheless, it has to be considered that a human eye is controlled by the brain. Thus, the adjustment of our iris to ensure how much light needs accommodation or the matter of adjusting the focus of vision is performed in sync with the brain. Thence, it is capable of the subjective measurement of the light. However, unlike the human eye, camera is a device capable of absolutely measuring the light entering its lens through adjustment of the series of light receptive sensors which the camera possesses. Also to mention, the iris of the eyes is not uniformly receptive to light although the film of the camera is. Talking about the focus conditioning of the lenses of the two, it is seemingly the most evident difference between the human eye and the camera. The lens of our eyes changes its shape to accommodate the light emitted by the object. Contrastingly, the lens of the camera is to be moved closer or farther to the object to adjust the focus. Thus, to notice, the eye and camera are seemingly too similar yet a lot different. However, eyes are natural creation and a gift to humans. We must always ensure the health of our eyes.

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Often, the lens of the human eye and its functioning to create images on a screen is compared with that of a camera. Did...
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