Break Up Before It’s Too Late (Breaking up with various unhealthy lifestyle)

Mon Nov 05 2018

Every day with new inventions bring in more comfort. But with the comfort lifestyle it brings its own share of problems. Our eyes are most sensitive sensory organ but unknowingly they suffer every day and there has been a spike in our eye related diseases. First, reason behind these diseases is the increased intake of unhealthy food that provides little or no nutrition to our body that directly or indirectly effects our vision. Most of these unhealthy foods taste great, but is that enough reason to play with your health? A healthy eyesight demands regular exercise with nutritious food intake. A balanced diet provides the required nutrition to your body. Given below are some unhealthiest foods that are extremely unhealthy:

  • Processed Meat Various processed meats like sausage, salami, bacon, and chorizo are high in sodium and saturated fats. Additionally, they contain animal fat, which also puts them on the unhealthier side when consumed in excess amounts regularly.
  • Deep Fried Foods NO FRIED FOODS! Kidding. We all crave fried, crunchy, comfort food once in a while. But the problem arises when you make them your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack! Fried foods should be avoided because of their high saturated and trans fats content and the ill effects they have on our vision.

Refined Sugar Refined sugars can deplete the nutrient levels in your body and hamper your immunity levels. They are quite different from the natural sugars present in fruits. In the absence of nutrients impairs the metabolic process, which in turn, could leave you at the risk of toxic metabolism triggered by lack of oxygen and can lead to diabetes with unwanted spike in your blood sugar.

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