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Blade Free Cataract Surgery


Dr Abhishek Goel
Dr Abhishek Goel
2 min read

Blade Free surgery is an advanced method of treating troublesome eye problems, particularly, Cataract.

You would know that the human eye lens tends to be transparent and clear in order to see things for us vividly. However, with aging or other medical conditions, the lens can become cloudy and translucent. The reason behind the same is the development of cataract. In India, Cataract is popularly known as SafedMotia. Usually, it occurs in people who are approaching the age of 40 & above.

Thus, if you are suffering the problem of fuzzy and blurred vision then Blade free eye surgery can help you to get rid of it.

Blade-free surgery is performed with Femtosecond laser-assisted technology. It is the one of the kind technology developed to treat cataract. The introduction of this technology has made the process of cataract treatment even more safe and accurate.

It helps in eradicating the problem of cataract without causing pain plus it enables the quick recovery too.

Femtosecond Laser technology is a bladeless method of correcting the vision. Moreover, it doesn’t involve the use of stitches either. The emergence of this technology did a great deal in setting up an automated and simpler cataract correction procedure.

Needless to mention, blade-free cataract surgery has enhanced the final result of vision correction. It also reduced the risk of the patient developing infections post-surgery.

In addition to correcting the problem of cataract, Femtosecond laser technique can be used to correct astigmatism.