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Wed Aug 08 2018

"The eye is the window to the world, at the same time it is the window of the soul" – Shakespeare. There are these many people who are blind and who are going blind in this developing world. Mostly blind people are children below the age of 12. Most of the blind people can be cured but there is a huge gap between number of cornea available to the number of people who need cornea. If we all have got God's gift of Vision, so why not try to pass it on to somebody who doesn’t have it? The person donating eyes can belong to any age group or sex. Almost anyone between the age of 2-74 can donate eyes. Usually people who are eligible to donate blood can be suitable eye donor too. Situations like short sightedness, long sightedness or astigmatism or people who got operated for cataract does not affect cornea and still can be an eye donor. Even people wearing spectacles or contact lenses can donate eyes. Patients with diabetes, hypertension, asthma and those without communicable diseases can also donate eyes. People who are infected with or died from AIDS, Hepatitis B or C, rabies, tetanus, cholera, leukemia and such diseases cannot donate eyes. In eye donation there is no cost involved to the donor as well as to the family. It is totally voluntary activity that is undertaken only by the concern of the donor and by his/her happiness. Eyes donated to the eye-bank which are not medically suitable for transplant can be used for medical research and education.

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“The eye is the window to the world, at the same time it is the window of the soul” – Shakespeare. There are these...
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