8 Reasons why Dad needs to get LASIK

Thu Jul 07 2016

There are lots of things the family expects from dad to do and responsibilities double when there are Children in the equation. Have a look at the following situations where LASIK can help a dad carry out his activities effortlessly.

  1. Playing Video Games Nobody is too old to play video games. When I’m ready to beat the game, dad should be by my side with a second player controller. But with his weak eyesight, there is no way we can get past a level leading to a disappointment. Who would like that? If dad gets LASIK, we would never have to worry about losing in video games together.
  2. Watching Movies What’s the point of watching together when Dad misses most of the cool action because he was adjusting his 3D glasses over his prescribed glasses? Getting LASIK would help him in such predicaments.
  3. Outdoor Sports Catching ball is tougher than it looks and with dad’s bad eyesight, it’s near impossible when things are too blurry. Same can be said when dad wants to hit a shot and things don’t go so well.
  4. Going away on Summer Vacations The experience of holidays can get ruined if Dad’s spectacles go missing in the middle of a fun activity. Now nobody would like that to happen. Dad would no longer require worrying about where he kept them when he gets LASIK done. LASIK gets completed quickly and he would be good to go within an hour.
  5. Damage while ‘handling’ smaller kids Playing with little kids is a lot of fun. But they are known for their naughtiness and their one misguided action would break glasses of dad. It is better if Dad gets LASIK and forgets the worry of these things while around them.
  6. Saving Money Whether dad is a primary source of income in the family or dad and mom collectively run the house, money plays an important part in fulfilling basic necessities and support lifestyle needs. Dad can save many bucks which he otherwise would have to spend on contacts and spectacles. LASIK would help him get rid of these expenses.
  7. Better Productivity at Office There are many responsibilities a dad has on his shoulders, be it home or in office. With better eyesight, there will be a considerable boost his performance and improve the efficiency in carrying out tasks.
  8. Results that last a lifetime While contacts and glasses can help to make the vision of the dad clearer while he wears them, LASIK gives results that are not just temporary, they are long-lasting. After his eyes have adjusted and stabilized after a couple months, you can expect the results of traditional LASIK surgery to be permanent. No surgical updates, no corrective procedures later down the road, just clear vision.
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There are lots of things the family expects from dad to do and responsibilities double when there are Children in the equation. Have a...
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