7 most common eye problems in children & how to prevent them!

Fri Jan 22 2021

Children keep developing vision as they grow, but they also become vulnerable to many eye problems with age. Hence it is crucial to ensure your kids’ healthy vision, as eye problems in children can affect their ability to perform everyday activities like reading, playing, writing, etc.

Let us look at a few common eye problems in children that you need to watch out for, along with how to diagnose & treat them at an early stage. 

  1. Amblyopia (Lazy Eye):
  2. Amblyopia is a condition in which the brain fails to process inputs from one eye and, over time, starts ignoring them. This obstructs vision development of the weaker eye and results in long term vision problems. Some common symptoms of Amblyopia include squinting, poor depth perception, eye wandering, head tilting, etc. The condition can be treated using eye patches, glasses, and eye drops. A pediatric eye specialist might suggest surgery in some cases. 

  3. Chalazion:
  4. Chalazion is a swelling on the upper or lower eyelid which is caused by blockage or swelling of an oil gland. Initially, it is painless, but if it gets infected, the swelling spreads to the entire eyelid and gets painful. It can even get bigger in size and cover the child’s pupil, further affecting the vision. Small chalazions usually go away on their own in a few months; however, large & infected ones have to be treated using eye drops, warm compress, surgical drainage or removal. 

  5. Astigmatism, Farsightedness and Nearsightedness:
  6. These three conditions, or refractive errors, are the most common eye problems in children and adults and are most often caused by abnormalities in the surface of the eye that prevent light from properly being focused on the retina. It can be treated with timely diagnosis by using prescribed glasses or lenses by the doctor. 

  7. Strabismus:
  8. This is a condition where the eyes point in different directions and are not properly aligned with each other while focusing on an object. Sometimes kids are born with strabismus, or they develop this condition during childhood. However, if it persists for a longer period, it results in Amblyopia. The condition can be treated at an early age using eye patches, exercises, glasses, etc. 

  9. Epiphora:
  10. It is a condition in which the child gets constantly watery eyes or excess tearing. It is caused due to blockage of the tear ducts, infection, ocular surface diseases or allergies. Usually, it improves after a few months; however, if it persists, it can be treated with massage, eye drops or minor surgery. 

  11. Pediatric Cataract:
  12. Not only adults but children can get cataract too; some kids are, in fact, born with it. In this condition, the eye appears cloudy, which leads to blurred vision. It is also one of the leading causes of childhood blindness; hence early detection and treatment are critical. You need to consult a pediatric eye specialist who can suggest a treatment based on the severity of the cataract, but most kids do need surgery in such cases.

  13. Pink Eye:
  14. Pink eye, also known as Conjunctivitis, is a condition in which the white part of the eye gets red due to an infection, irritation or allergy. It can be contagious and can cause itchiness in the eyes, tears or sticky discharge. Usually, it goes away after treatment with antibiotic eye drops, ointment or anti-allergy medicine or lubricating eye drops.

How Centre for Sight can help?

Untreated eye problems in children can lead to severe and long-lasting vision problems. Routine screening or regular eye checkup can help in identifying eye problems in children at an early stage. Centre for Sight has highly skilled & experienced pediatric eye specialists across India who can help you with proper diagnosis using advanced technology and offer best-in-class eye treatment for your child.

Article: 7 most common eye problems in children & how to prevent them!
Author: CFS Editorial Team   |   Jan 22 2021 | UPDATED 05:20 IST

*The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Centre for Sight.
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We have listed some common eye problems in children along with how to diagnose and treat them, and how to find the best pediatric eye specialist.
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