5 Ways to take care of your Eyes this winter

Tue Jan 02 2018

With the occasion of Christmas and New Year around the corner, the winter season is at its peak. Along with the epitome of celebrations and lights, winters bring along snowy breezes and a dry weather. The dryness of the air, the use of heaters, and less intake of water causes serious problems to our health. The organs which are most prone to this damage are skin and eyes. Nonetheless, we do not take care of our eyes in winters the way we look after our skin. It is crucial to keep our eye health in check. Here are these 5 ways you can adopt to take care of your eyes this winter.

  • Keep yourself hydrated
Often in winters, our intake of water reduces.  Moreover, the windy weather causes dryness to our eyes due to loss of moisture. As a consequence of it, our eyes begin to feel extremely uncomfortable and irritable. Other than the effects of the wind, an indoor condition such as excessive use of heater can also cause dry eyes. Thus, in order to cater to the impact of all of these conditions we must make sure to keep our body hydrated at all times. Drinking ample amount of water helps in retaining the moisture of the eye even on extremely dry days.
  • Invest in Eye Drops
The problem of dry eyes in winters can also be catered with the help of Eye drops. Eye drops are the must-haves during this season to prevent any damage to our eyes. For an instance, we rub our eyes too harsh on feeling the uncomfortable dryness. This further causes major damage to the blood vessels present around our eyes. Therefore, we must use our eye drops to ease the eye irritation and avert the harm to our eyes.
  • Don’t let go of your shades
Irrespective of the season the UV rays of the sun are always harmful. Even amidst of a sky filled with clouds only 10% of the sun’s UV rays are blocked. Therefore, our eyes remain under the risk of damage. Hence, you should always keep your UV- protected sunglasses along and use them whenever you head out.
  • Eat Healthy!
Food becomes all of our priority in this season, isn’t it? However, while enjoying the festive feast we must not compromise on a healthy diet. A nutritious diet is very important for our health and our eyes.  Eating a balanced diet inclusive of nuts, fruits, salmon, eggs, etc. will help in providing the necessary nutrients to oour eyes and to keep them healthy.
  • Avoid using Heaters and Warmers
During the winter season, we majorly rely upon heaters and warming systems to keep our homes and offices warm and cozy. Nonetheless, irrespective of how comfortable the warmth feels to us, it is very harmful to our eyes. It is so because, the heaters and warmers influences the air around us and dries it out. Hence, it causes irritation, redness, and an itching sensation to our eyes. Therefore, we must avoid the use of indoor heating system. Instead, we can switch to using humidifiers. Read Also: Winter Is Coming – 7 Eye Care Tips for the winter
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With the occasion of Christmas and New Year around the corner, the winter season is at its peak. Along with the epitome of celebrations...
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