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5 Myths about LASIK you need to Stop Believing Now


Dr Hemlata
Dr Hemlata
3 min read

LASIK surgery is the most advised, reliable, and popular vision correction measure in the present era. Nevertheless, as it happens to most technological facilities, the idea of LASIK surgery is usually brought down due to the myths associated with it.
Therefore, if you wish to seek the surgical treatment for your refractive errors then, you must clear your mind of these 5 myths about LASIK to seek the best treatment.
Temporal optimum effects of the surgery.

The most common myth about LASIK is that its effect is temporary. According to reports, LASIK has the most optimum and permanent effect on the vision. Nevertheless, LASIK surgery cannot restrict the weakening of vision which occurs as an effect of aging. Thus, if you are approaching your 50s and your vision weakens, it is only natural.

Painful and tedious surgical procedure.

The surgical procedure does not last more than 15 minutes. It is a quick and easy surgery. Moreover, the patients are provided with mild sedatives beforehand to avoid even the slightest of pain and discomfort.

LASIK cannot cure hyperopia and astigmatism

In early years of the use of LASIK, the surgery was mostly used to cure nearsightedness. That lead to this myth. However, LASIK as the surgical treatment is entirely capable of curing all kinds of refractive errors including farsightedness & astigmatism.

Huge surgical cost.

LASIK is the most popular vision correction procedure. With the passage of time and its enhancing reliability has also made it a comfortably affordable treatment. It is a myth that LASIK treatment involves huge cost.

Can cause complete loss of vision.

LASIK being the cause of complete blindness is the most popular myth. The fact is that the laser used in the surgery is incapable of causing damage to the inner eye. Therefore, there is no chance for you to lose your eyesight because of LASIK.