5 common myths of LASIK you should know!

Tue Mar 12 2019

LASIK is a popular eye surgery for those suffering from vision problems. Although it is being proved that it is safe, effective, and convenient,there have been plenty of myths and misconceptions surrounding it. Below, we will address some of the 5 common myths about LASIK and remove your misconception around LASIK treatment. Myth 1: LASIK Eye Surgery is painful. Fact: During the treatment, most patients are surprised at just how quick and painless LASIK surgery is. Before the procedure begins, doctor’s put an anesthetic drop in your eyes. These drops help in numbing effect that lessens the chance of any pain or discomfort. If you’re feeling nervous or anxious about the LASIK surgery, don’t worry, it is painless treatment. Myth 2: LASIK is Costlier LASIK is Costlier Fact: Patients should remember that they only have one set of eyes and it’s probably not a good place to compromise. Often the costlierprocedures include added benefits that discounters do not offer. These added benefits can include the lifetime commitments and follow-up care with your personal eye doctor.While booking appointment consumers should make sure that the surgeons are reliable and qualified. Read Also: 5 Myths about LASIK you need to Stop Believing Now Myth 3: Longer recovery time for LASIK Fact: Although recovery time depends upon the patient to patient, most of the patients notice complete healing within three to seven days after surgery. We recommend to minimizing the risk of complication by avoidingrubbing or touching your eyes, using an antibiotic eye drop, and wearing your protective eyeglasses. Many patients notice improved vision immediately following their LASIK surgery. Myth 4: Anyone who wants to have LASIK is a candidate. candidate Fact: It’s not necessary thateveryone is an appropriate candidate for LASIK. In fact, many potential patients who are evaluated routinely rejected as candidates for the surgery. The best way to determine if you are a candidate for LASIK is to undergo a thorough screening or eye exam by your eye specialists. It can treat patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Appropriate candidates should be at least 18 years old, in a good health and have healthy eyes which are free of diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma. Appropriate screening is the first task for the doctors, and one of the most important steps in preventing complications. Myth 5: LASIK surgery can cause blindness. blindness Fact: In order to reshape the cornea, LASIK treats the surface layer of the eye. Although some complications are possible, it never results in blindness. If you’re ready and want to see what LASIK can do for you, book an appointment or contact the best eye hospital today!

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LASIK is a popular eye surgery for those suffering from vision problems. Although it is being proved that it is safe, effective, and convenient,there...
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