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10 Myths about Eye Donation


Dr Subodh
Dr Subodh
2 min read

Not everyone is blessed and fortunate to see this world. Among us there are many who don’t know that how this world around them looks like. All they know and experience is only darkness.

Is there something we can do for them? Yes. We can. By pledging to donate our eyes. And two people will be able to see the world through our eyes, long after we are gone. But due to some misconception or myths some people don’t come forward to donate their eyes.

Let’s clear some myths for the better world:

  • Donating eyes will disfigure the face of the donor, with holes in the eye socket causing face disfigurement.
  • Donating eyes when I die in this life will mean I will be blind by birth in my next life.
  • If I pledge my eyes, doctors will not try to save me when I am critically ill
  • My family will be distraught with my decision to donate my eyes.
  • Eyes of Indian donors are not suitable for corneal transplant.
  • Corneal transplantation is an experimental procedure, with poor success rates.
  • My donated eyes can be sold.
  • If I have pledged my eyes for donation, no further consents are necessary after my death.
  • My eyes cannot be donated if I have not pledged them.
  • It is against my religion to become an eye donor

So do not hesitate. Donating your eyes will only make you a greater human being. Pledge to donate your eyes and be in the prayers of someone.