Fri Nov 06 2020
Delaying Cataract Surgery? Here is why you shouldn’t!
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Delaying Cataract Surgery? Here is why you shouldn’t!
Fri Nov 06 2020
Delaying Cataract Surgery? Here is why you shouldn’t!

COVID-19 has severely impacted surgeries that required immediate attention, thereby leading to a complete halt of surgical procedures. With the[..]

Fri Jul 17 2020
Cataract surgery – Things to Keep in Mind

Thinking of undergoing a cataract surgery? Here’s all the information you need In the field of ophthalmology, a cataract surgery is defined as a[..]

Mon Dec 23 2019
When is the Right Time to Get Cataract Surgery Done?

Every time an ophthalmologist diagnoses someone with cataracts, the next question is ‘when to execute it?’ In all honesty, the right time to get[..]

Wed Sep 11 2019
Cataract – Everything You Should Know About it

Did you know, the World Health Organization (WHO) lists down ‘cataracts’ as one of the leading causes of blindness and visual impairment? Though[..]

Wed Nov 18 2015
Tips for Maintaining Good Eye Health

  The eyes are the windows to the soul and having the gift of sight is something everyone should cherish. However, with the increase in pollution,[..]

Thu Jan 29 2015

As we age, there come inevitable changes in our bodies which affect us in different ways.Various things in our body begin to change including the[..]

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