Our Success Stories

  • M.A. Zayad

    Minister of Petroleum, Sudan

    “It is great pleasure to get our operation done in both Centre for Sight coordinating with BLK. Patient feel very happy dealing with all staff.
    According to the service provided & hospitality which we are enjoying and respect.Thanks to all the Team of BLK and Centre for Sight on behalf of Minister of Petroleum, Sudan.”

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  • Mr. Akanni Junaid Yahaya

    “When I came to Centre for Sight, I had serious pain in my right eye and I could not see from that eye at all. Now that my right eye has been operated, with a view to correct my defective lens which was badly fitted back in Nigeria.


    With regards to human relations, all the doctors I came in contact with were very cordial and efficient. I am impressed with the way I was treated here. The behavior and cooperation of all the staff I came in contact with was fantastic especially that of Mr. Rohit who took me to all the doctors who treated my case. I am very happy with the services of Centre for Sight.”

    Patient name: Mr. Akanni Junaid Yahaya
    Date: 03.09.2014
    Operated by: Dr. Avnindra Gupta
    Date of Surgery: 19.08.2014
    Surgery: VR Surgery
    Centre: Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi

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  • Mr. Omar Mboob

    “Dear Centre for Sight Team,
    I hope all is well with you in India.
    We as a family have been extremely grateful for the hospitality and professionalism shown to us at Centre for Sight (Safdarjung Enclave) during the treatment of Baby Aji Fatou Mboob from The Gambia, West Africa. 

    We are indeed very delighted that our precious baby has returned home with an improved vision and playing with her brother and sister and we indeed look forward to coming back for the final cornea transplant sometimes next year.

    Words can’t express how happy we are with the manner and professional approach to this treatment and we wish to say thank you to the entire team for being kind and truly representative of your company’s raison d’etre. Our regards to Dr. Sharma the Anesthetist.
    For and on behalf of the entire family and my own behalf thank you once again.”

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  • Bombay Rockers - Germany

    Rock Band

    I am feeling high as if I had a bottle of Bacardi. The operation wasn’t painful. Indian doctors are renowned the world over, so I thought coming here.

  • Caroline Andersen – Canada

    Centre for Sight is the one of the best places offering the latest technology for all eye related problems and with implantation of Crystalens, now my world is so clear that I can do all the things I wanted to without reaching out for my glasses.

  • Awwal Nuhu - Nigeria

    I had undergone a cataract operation in childhood after which I became blind due to corneal opacity. I could only see faint lights, could not differentiate between colors and had to depend on my brother for even moving around the house. After my surgery at Centre for Sight, Delhi now I can see, eat on my own, chat with friends, write and can also drive a car by myself. I am very happy that I am able to do all these things and become fully independent, thanks to Centre for Sight team.

  • Shri. Jaipal Reddy

    Union Urban Development Minist

    Centre for Sight is on par with the best in the country, may be in the world.

  • Shri PR Dasmunshi

    Former I & B Minister

    At the eve of inauguration, I wish all the success of this institute, so required in Delhi with all the equipments and amenities available. Dr. Sachdev is serving humanity on the desire of God. I wish him success to provide light to people. His family indeed would be blessed by God.

  • Smt. Meira Kumar

    Lok Sabha Speaker

    Dr. Mahipal Singh Sachdev, his wife and his team of doctors and para medicos are excellent. My eye surgery has been very successful and I deeply appreciate it. With all good wishes.

  • Shri Kalyan Singh

    Member of Parliament & Ex-CM

    All the doctors and the team are good.

  • Shri Sis Ram Ola

    Member of Parliament

    I am very much satisfied with the services of this centre. Padamshree Dr. Mahipal Singh is a committed doctor. Services and facilities provided in this centre are excellent. I hope Dr. Sachdev will touch heights in his field. This centre under the leadership of Dr. Mahipal will earn a lot of name and fame. I deeply appreciate the behavior of Dr. Sachdev and his team. I feel this centre caters to the best of the standards prevalent in the world.

  • Jas Arora

    Model & Actor

    When it comes to my eyes, I trust only the very best. Which is why I chose Centre for sight to get rid of my glasses. Their treatment is permanent, has no side effects and gave me the freedom to live to the fullest. All one can say is Thank You. Most amazing combination of Experience & Technology.

  • Ashish Jindal

    Underwent Standard Laser

    I liked the environment at Centre for Sight. The staff is very supportive and co operative. I got to know about Centre for Sight from my friends and relatives. I had an eye power of around 3 D in left eye and 3.5 D in the right eye. I faced a lot of difficulty due to my glasses and wanted to get rid of them. I chose Centre for Sight because I knew I am in safe hands. I would definitely recommend the hospital to my relatives and friends.

  • Mrs Shubha

    Underwent CustomVue

    I am absolutely satisfied and happy with the way Centre for Sight works. The staff is highly cooperative. I had been using glasses for the last 16 years and was highly irritated because of them. Finally, I got rid of them! My hearty thanks to CFS who made this happen.

  • Vaishali Goel

    Underwent CustomVue

    I had been using glasses for the last 10 years. I wanted to get rid of them so my family doctor advised Centre for Sight as the best place for getting the procedure as the equipments and facilities are of best quality and latest technology. Now I can see clearly without any hindrance between my eyes and the beautiful world.

  • Sunil Laroiya

    Underwent iLasik

    I came to know about Centre for Sight from the internet. CFS’s website was very good and informative. Information about the procedure and its advantages was given in detail. The surgery itself was very smooth and short. I could even talk while the surgery was going! Moreover it cost me a meager amount of money as I would have been paid in UK. My experience at Centre for Sight was very good and after the surgery I am very happy and satisfied.

  • Dr. Parul

    Underwent CustomVue

    I had very high Myopia due to which I had to use glasses all the time. I just wanted to get an off from my glasses. I got to know about CFS from the internet. I found the staff very satisfactory. They explained me about the procedure in detail. After the surgery my vision is 6/6. I am very happy and thankful to all doctors and staff here. I would advice everybody to go for Centre for Sight for any eye ailment.

  • Nitin

    Underwent iLasik

    I had been wearing glasses for the last 22 years. I was having a very high myopia and very high cylinder number i.e. +10 in both the eyes and +5 cylinder. I had visited almost all the leading doctors in India and everybody denied to operate on my eyes as surgery could not be done on my eyes. My friend told me about CFS. So I came here as my last hope of leading a normal life.On my first visit I was quite worried about what doctors would say…but thanks to Dr. Sachdev who was confident that iLasik can be performed on my eyes. He made me relaxed. His confidence really gave me a hope of getting rid of glasses.

  • Anamika

    Underwent iLasik

    I got the iLasik procedure done from CFS. I have been wearing glasses for the last 9 years. Earlier I had lack of confidence because of my irritating spectacles. I needed my glasses as soon as I would wake up. But now after iLasik, I feel amazing as if some magic has been done on my eyes. I am highly thankful to Dr. Sachdev for giving me my new world which I can admire, feel and see without the hassles and hindrance of glasses in between.

  • Virendra Sehwag

    Indian Cricketer

    I Think I have seen the Best Eye Hospital with all facilities. My all wishes with Centre for Sight.

  • Shri H.D. Devegowda

    Former Prime Minister of Ind

    Highly appreciable of highest quality of care centre. Dr. Mahipal is an ophthalmologist of great excellence both in his caliber of work and his extremely courteous behavior. I wish him success of highest possible heights.

  • Shri. V.P. Singh

    Former Prime Minister of India

    At Centre for Sight hospital, the doctors and staff are very cooperative under the very talented Dr. Mahipal. Here the staff is well trained and one can find the latest and finest technology prevailing in any part of the world. My best wishes for Centre for Sight.

  • Shri. Shivraj Patil

    Union Home Minister, Govt. of India

    “Very Modern, Very Well equipped. One should say ultramodern, the patients would be given the best of treatment. It may graduate into a place, where not only treatment would be given to the patients, but R & D would be done. I wish the doctors and those who work here, all the best. May it develop into an institution which gives physical and spiritual vision. Spiritual vision would flow out of the dedication with which the institution is built and run.”