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  • Ashok Vihar

    Ashok Vihar

    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infoashokvihar@centreforsight.net

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  • Dwarka - Eye Institute

    Dwarka - Eye Institute

    Ph.: 011-42504250

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  • Faridabad


    Ph.: 011-42504250

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  • Gurgaon - New Railway Road

    Gurgaon - New Railway Road

    Ph.: 011-42504250

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  • Gurgaon - Sector 29

    Gurgaon - Sector 29

    Ph.: 011-42504250

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  • Okhla


    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infookhla@centreforsight.net

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  • Preet Vihar

    Preet Vihar

    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infopreetvihar@centreforsight.net

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  • Rajouri Garden

    Rajouri Garden

    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: inforajouri@centreforsight.net

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  • Rohini


    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: inforohini@centreforsight.net

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  • Safdarjung Enclave

    Safdarjung Enclave

    Ph.: 8802708888

    Email: info@centreforsight.net

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  • Vikaspuri


    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infovikaspuri@centreforsight.net

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  • Ahmedabad - Navrangpura

    Ahmedabad - Navrangpura

    Ph.: 1800-1200-477

    Email: infoahmedabad@centreforsight.net

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  • Gujarat - Vadodara

    Gujarat - Vadodara

    Ph.: 1800-1200-477

    Email: infovadodara@centreforsight.net

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  • Indore - Sapna Sangeeta

    Indore - Sapna Sangeeta

    Ph.: 7869907030

    Email: infoindore@centreforsight.net

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  • Indore - Vijay Nagar

    Indore - Vijay Nagar

    Ph.: 0731-4001400

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  • Ahmedabad - Gulbai Tekra

    Ahmedabad - Gulbai Tekra

    Email: ahmedabad@newvisionindia.com

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  • Andhra Pradesh - Rajahmundry

    Andhra Pradesh - Rajahmundry

    Ph.: +91-8688881878

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  • Andhra Pradesh - Vijayawada

    Andhra Pradesh - Vijayawada

    Ph.: +91-9705478866

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  • Andhra Pradesh - Vizag

    Andhra Pradesh - Vizag

    Ph.: +91-9000469497

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  • Gujarat - Anand

    Gujarat - Anand

    Ph.: 0269-245300

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  • Gujarat - Bhavnagar

    Gujarat - Bhavnagar

    Ph.: 0278-2565541/42

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  • Gujarat - Jamnagar

    Gujarat - Jamnagar

    Ph.: 0288-2665567

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  • Gujarat - Rajkot

    Gujarat - Rajkot

    Ph.: 0281-2240241/39

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  • Gujarat - Surat

    Gujarat - Surat

    Ph.: 0261-2792222

    Email: samir.shah@centreforsight.net

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  • Hyderabad - Basheerbagh

    Hyderabad - Basheerbagh

    Ph.: 8688881878

    Email: hyderabad@newvisionindia.com

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  • Maharashtra - Mumbai

    Maharashtra - Mumbai

    Ph.: 022-26283610/13/17

    Email: mumbai@newvisionindia.com

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  • Vadodara - Akota

    Vadodara - Akota

    Ph.: 9574324555

    Email: samir.shah@centreforsight.net

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  • Ajmer


    Ph.: 0145 – 2442000, 2442888.

    Email: infoajmer@centreforsight.net

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  • Jaipur - Malviya Nagar

    Jaipur - Malviya Nagar

    Ph.: 1800-1200-477

    Email: infojaipur@centreforsight.net

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  • Jaipur - Vaishali Nagar

    Jaipur - Vaishali Nagar

    Ph.: 1800-1200-477

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  • Jodhpur


    Ph.: 0291-2613340

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  • Hyderabad - Banjara Hills

    Hyderabad - Banjara Hills

    Ph.: +91-8500652020, +91-9849710066, 1800-1200-477

    Email: infohyderabad@centreforsight.net

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  • Hyderabad - Kukatpally

    Hyderabad - Kukatpally

    Ph.: +91-9849455744, 1800 1200 477

    Email: infohyderabad2@centreforsight.net

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  • Hyderabad - Nampally

    Hyderabad - Nampally

    Ph.: 040-23236666, 9849597789, 7207040566

    Email: infohyderabad4@centreforsight.net

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  • Agra - Ashoka Plaza

    Agra - Ashoka Plaza

    Ph.: 7060411166, 0562-4008892

    Email: infoagra2@centreforsight.net

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  • Meerut - E K Road

    Meerut - E K Road

    Ph.: 9927007094

    Email: infomeerut@centreforsight.net

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  • Moradabad - Chowk Tarikhana

    Moradabad - Chowk Tarikhana

    Ph.: 0591-2321641

    Email: infomoradabad@centreforsight.net

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  • Moradabad - Kanth Road

    Moradabad - Kanth Road

    Ph.: 0591-2452409, 0591-2452407
    0591-2452406, 7460050182

    Email: infomoradabad@centreforsight.net

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To lead a healthy lifestyle good care and regular visits to an ophthalmologist is a must. Centre for Sight has a super specialty eye hospital in Jaipur. Our eye hospital in Jaipur offers specs removal operation, LASIK surgery in Jaipur, Laser treatment in Jaipur etc. It houses a team of trusted and experienced eye doctors and support staff.

If you are looking for services such as Lasik operation in Jaipur and cataract surgery in Jaipur then, we are the answer to all your needs. Our team of doctors and advanced technology will make all the procedures hassle free.

Periodic eye check up is an extremely important part of preventive health care. As several eye and vision problems do not have any obvious symptoms or signs,you may never come to know of any hidden eye problem. Moreover, eyes are window to several other health problems that might exist like genetic disorder, asthma, allergy, ageing, toxicity, side effects, macular degeneration, detached retina, chronic medication, mental retardation, Kidney function, Lipid profile, Migraine, Thyroid, Hypertension, Diabetes and many more. Our team of experienced doctors laced with latest technology and diagnostic eqipments brings forth the highest quality expertise that you require for yourself and your near and dear ones.

Good vision is an important factor in children as well to reach their full academic potential. As almost 80 percent of learning is presented visually, vision problems have a profound effect on not only early learning but on the development of the child as well. Early diagnosis and treatment by experienced and skilled eye doctors can prevent the development of any ocular complications or long term deficits.