Eye Bank

Eye Bank

Donate your Eyes. Light A Life

If the cornea (the clear tissue covering the front of the eye) becomes cloudy from disease, injury, infection or poor nutrition, vision is dramatically reduced or lost. Corneal blindness can be treated by replacing the damaged cornea with a healthy donated human cornea. The human cornea can be produced only through Eye donation. Corneal blindness affects mainly children and young adults who have a long life ahead of them.

Though India has highly qualified surgeons and hospital facilities to do the transplant, we do not have enough eye tissues available to do the surgery. Approximately 11 lakh blind population of our country are waiting for corneal transplantation and about 25,000 new cases are being reported every year. One eye donation can give sight to two corneal blind persons.

We have joined the crusade against corneal blindness by setting up Centre for Sight Eye Bank to encourage eye donations by bringing about a change in mindsets of people. With the support of our patrons and patients, we seek to bring light into the lives of those suffering from corneal blindness.

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