Job Description

Job Title:Executive / Sr. Executive



Responsible For

  • Responsible for contributing to hospital-wide and departmental quality initiatives. This involves performing the assessment and analysis of operations and processes.
  • Undertakes quality initiatives, audits, risk management as due in conjunction with the Quality and Patient Safety Manager.
  • Consults with administrative and medical staff Managers, department heads, and critical committees as appropriate to finalize and advance the project goals.
  • Leads or co-facilitates teams by coaching and advising team members to fulfill their role w.r.t Quality parameters.
  • Leads or co-facilitates teams by coaching and advising team members to Fulfill their role w.r.t Quality parameters.
  • Works to ensure that quality improvement and innovation work remains focused on one or more of the following goals: patient-centeredness, staff vitality, process efficiency and waste reduction, and safe and reliable patient care.
  • Assures application of a tracking method to monitor progress towards goals by collecting accurate, timely data to display the quality, cost, and service outcomes.
  • Effectively communicates improvements that are made to work teams, staff, managers, and administrators throughout the organization.
  • Maintains accountability for ongoing quality improvement activities.
  • When assigned, completes special projects and performs other related duties according to agreed upon goals